Syria, Obama and Hillary’s Watergate

obama and syria

Now that we have witnessed what a superpower can do in war, it makes you wonder what Obama’s intentions exactly were.  Why couldn’t the U.S. military take out ISIS’ command center, or communication centers?  Were they told not to by the Obama administration?  Were their hands tied?  There has to be so many questions that NATO and the United Nations General Assembly is asking today.  After seeing what Russia has accomplished in a week. Why were there so many weapons that were accidentally, coincidentally dropped into ISIS’ hands more than once?  I would be saying, Obama, you had four years, what did you accomplish in four years besides sending our men and women back home in body bags? What happened to all the money you spent?  What went wrong?  There should be an investigation.  Syria could be Obama’s Watergate. I want to see an itemized statement, what every penny went for? I want to know what your strategy and main objections were.  You cut the military budget by 30%.  Our military was screaming out for updated weaponry and jets.  You turned your silenced ear.  Now Putin is on the center stage of the theater of war and showing and proving what a true masterful leader can do to take the enemy out.  You don’t see his military flying old righter jets or using old outdated weapons.  You see them using the most advanced weaponry made to man.  It has been a total shame to see how Americans were lied to that al-Qaeda was on the run and ISIS was decimated.  No, they were elevated by lies by Hillary and Obama.  Even the president of Argentina is suspicious of illicit actions that have caused the fractions of migrants.


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