Russia Destroys 112 ISIS Targets


Moscow, Oct 7 (Prensa Latina) The Russian air force destroyed 112 terrorist targets in Syria since operations began on September 30th, said the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during an encounter with the president.

Shoigu told in a report to Vladimir Putin regarding the operations of support to the government forces in that country, that in recent days many vital points of the infrastructure of the Islamic State (IS) were found: arsenals, caches of matériel, including armored vehicles, command posts and even improvised weapons factories.

The intensity of the air strikes increases by the hour, said Shoigu during a televised meeting on the federal TV channel Rossia 24.

The minister also reported that on Wednesday in the morning four cruisers of the Caspian fleet fired missiles (around 20 launches), against 11 targets, located nearly 1,500 kilometers away, said the military source.

Putin, in turn, recognized the complexity of the operation, conducted with the consent of the Russian parliament and the Syrian authorities, and considered hasty offering conclusions and results.

What has been done so far certainly deserves a positive evaluation, said the president, while thanking pilots and seamen who work with high-precision armaments, and the overall work of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff.

Putin said that the impacts speak of the good preparation of the pilots and the sailors of the Caspian Fleet, as he recalled that the Russian Air Force works closely in coordination with the Syrian army on the ground.

The chief of the Kremlin stressed that Russia will support the offensive of the Syrian loyalist forces against the terrorists, but stressed Moscow’s adherence to a political settlement in Syria.

Putin called “interesting” a proposal by French President Francois Hollande, according to which, a unification of al-Assad’s forces with the self-styled Syrian rebel army could be attempted.

We do not know its location, and who are behind them, still, he stressed, we support a collective participation in the fight against the common enemy. Should a joining of forces in the anti-terrorist front be achieved, an important premise would be created in the face of a political settlement to the Syrian crisis, he said.

Putin on steroids said, that the Foreign Ministry will continue efforts in that direction.


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