Russia ships in Caspian fire over Iran, Iraq to hit Targets

Russia ships caspian sea

Russia hits 112 targets, but who were they?

The main question has been what is Russia’s main targets?  While many are saying, they’re targeting the Assad opposition.  Ash Carter says. “It’s a fundamental mistake.”  The Pentagon’s worried that Russia is going to put boots on the ground.  Russia’s pushing their way through Syria using every muscle power they have to prove, they’re back.  Putin’s explanation, “they should be proud for all that they’ve accomplished.”  Today they fired over Iran and Iraq to hit 112 targets from their warships in the Caspian Sea.  Russia claims those targets were ISIS.  The Pentagon says otherwise. I hope Russia realizes to elevate al-Assad may not solve the problem.  They have the Sunnis and Kurds that are against al-Assad, and they’ve been in Syria for ages.  The noble thing would be for al-Assad to step down and find a temporary replacement, but the question is who?   Russia proves they have the weapons and the precision, but can they stay focused on the real target, ISIS?  The world hasn’t faced such a crisis since World War II.  And everyone is sitting back holding their breath to see who’s going to be elevated to the world hero?  The world needs a hero, someone that can think fast, can look at the past, I will stop the contrast.  I won’t let history repeat the past.  The world needs a hero, someone that’s brave, and isn’t scared of facing the grave, someone that paves the steps for a hero to walk, and we can hear it from all the talk. He walks the talk.


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