Israel calls on all law abiding civilians to carry a gun to protect themselves from terrorism


Israel calls on all law abiding civilians to carry a firearm to protect themselves and loved ones from terrorism.  If caught being a terrorist in Israel your home is demolished.  They have a zero tolerance for terrorism.

Ben Dahan called on the Attorney-General to authorize the army to demolish terrorists’ houses immediately after they attack and not wait a year.

“Demolishing terrorists’ houses and deporting their families is the best deterrent and most efficient way to deal with terrorism by individuals,” he said. “A wave of terror won’t scare us. We returned to our land in order to stay.”

In an interview with Army Radio, Ben Dahan called on civilians to legally carry a firearm and to “be alert and prevent another terrorist attack.”

Israel knows from experience what it takes to keep their citizens safe.  And this day and age with the ongoing war against terrorism, we all need to be allowed to carry a gun.  We don’t know when an attack will happen and we don’t want to be vulnerable to a terrorism attack.  America is just as vulnerable as Israel with our open borders, and illegal immigrants and migrants coming in to our country daily.  If law abiding citizens surrender their guns, then they become sheep led to the slaughter.


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