Rejected by Iran, Russia, Denied, Russian Cruise Missiles accidentally Hit Iran

Russia ships caspian sea

At least four ship-launched Russian cruise missiles have crashed in Iran while aiming for targets in Syria, according to reports.

U.S. officials told CNN Thursday that it is possible there were casualties from the accident. Russian warships attacking Syria are currently stationed in the Caspian Sea, so missiles heading toward Syria must pass over Iranian and Iraqi airspace.

If reports of a Russian missile incident in Iran are true, they could complicate a recent intelligence-sharing agreement signed between Russia, Iran and Iraq. The news could also lead to more direct Iranian involvement in the Syrian conflict.

In its recent assault on rebel groups in Syria, Russia is using a new precision cruise missile called the “Kaliber” for the first time.

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The Russian cruise missiles traveled 900 miles over Iraq and Iran to their destiny, but accidentally hit Iran.


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