The Coalition against ISIS working their indifferences out

Putin war games

China preparing to join forces with Russia in the coalition against ISIS.  It was discussed during the UNGA70 who would be the world participants to finally end the war against terror.  So far, we have the USA, Russia, Iran, France, Turkey and now China getting ready to enter the front stage of the world arena.

putin and china

Russia has been showing their muscle strength this last week with direct hits on ISIS that left many questioning, why couldn’t the United States have done more?  We’re witnessing Russia hit the infrastructure of ISIS’ command centers, communications centers, and training camps. But the United States attentions were divided by fighting two wars: one to oust al-Assad and the other against ISIS.  Which in turn created a vacuum for terrorism. The United States found themselves, in a no win situation, and a lot of time and money spent.

The United States has decided to let al-Assad stay, and will no longer support the rebels but the Kurds who are fighting ISIS as well.  Washington says it’s at their best interest now, to allow al-Assad to remain.  Their main concentration along with the coalition is to get ISIS and stop them from spreading any farther.  ISIS is metastasizing like a malignant cancer growth that can’t be controlled.

The coalition allies are working out their indifferences together for the good of the world, to fight terrorism globally.

On Friday the U.S. sent Russia a draft proposal last week on what common languages, radio frequency channels and distances that U.S. coalition and Russian aircraft would abide by to avoid air mishaps when sharing airspace.


The Pentagon confirmed that they’d received the Russian response and that it would likely respond over the weekend.

“The Department of Defense has received a formal response from the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding DOD’s proposal to ensure safe air operations over Syria,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement Friday. “Department leaders are reviewing the Russian response, and talks are likely to take place as soon as this weekend.”

So far, it looks like all parties are ready to work together.


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