Take Down the Flags and Run

Date: Friday, 9-Oct-2015 05:48:45

Supreme Commander is yelling: “East, west and south … Four aircraft. Leave the base, leave positions as soon as possible. ”

Russia warplane.jpeg quest

Published: 09/10/2015 | 08:28

Hassan Haidar Diab


Russian military intelligence intercepted and recorded a conversation between members of ISIL Headquarters in Syria which reflected the panic and fear. Supreme Commander was yelling: “East, west and south … Four aircraft. Leave the bases, leave positions as soon as possible. Leave everything, and arms and ammunition.”

“It is dangerous. Our three hundred targets have already been hit.
Everybody listen up. Here’s aircraft. Where are you? Come in.” “I see four Russian aircraft.

When they are finished with strikes, transfer weapons. Find warehouse that is deeper than 15 meters so the projectiles can not penetrate it. Be sure that tanks, armored vehicles and guns every day move to another location and do not use them except in an emergency because they record … they all record. “

”Turn off all cell phones and do not use them and do not even talk on the walkie-talkie with the main commanders who are on the front lines.”

“The most important thing, from all positions and facilities remove the flag of the Islamic state. When you remove the flags, leave the bases and positions on the entire territory of the Caliphate.”

“My brothers, my brothers, do not be afraid …. we will win, we will destroy Bashar Al-Assad, the Russian army will be destroyed in Syria, and Putin’s end will be in our hands in the name of Allah, if Allah allows it.”


Saudi clerics are calling for holy “jihad” war against Russia for Syria campaign


Russia ships caspian sea

Russia has proven and shown what a real world power can do in the theater of war, and he has ISIS on the run!  Putin fully understood who his targets were.  We should be asking ourselves why didn’t Washington?


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