Obama’s Paranoid at Putin’s Muscles and Trump is waving Freedom’s Flag

putin and obama1

I think Obama feels intimidated and paranoid by President Vladimir Putin.  Obama sees Putin’s muscles and strength, and he’s afraid of the new bully on the block.  I’m not calling Putin a bully, but this is how Obama views him.  Even Obama’s rhetoric in America has calmed down. Obama’s went back to his masked agenda, climate change.  He knows there’s a former KGB agent, and now president observing him, and seeing his weaknesses, and strength. Obama’s scared.  I don’t think he’s sure of his own future now.  He made some serious wrong decisions in the Middle East.  He has Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, they’re all watching him. Obama’s been put on the center stage.  They’re all looking and observing, and dissecting his military moves and motives, and ultimate agenda.  He got America involved in a war that wasn’t any of their business. He supplied weapons and vehicles to evil militants that became ISIS.  He should have known, who the receiving hands were.   Why would you drop weapons into the enemy’s hands? He saw how ISIS was torturing and mutilating Christians, but he turned his proud bogus head. Obama has a lot to answer for, the vital decisions he made in Syria that changed the course of the Middle East.  Obama sees some of these Middle Eastern world leaders turning against him, and not trusting him.  Now, we all have to wait and see, if Obama was instrumental in bringing an end to the world, as we know it.  And will America survive long enough, under this current administration to usher in a new fresh leadership. With a true honest vision to make America great again!  Many Americans feel that Donald Trump’s, the only honest running candidate that can bring America back again.  He speaks the truth and rings, Liberty’s Bell. He’s the voice that many Americans have been waiting to hear.  His voice rings loudly and freely. When American could foresee, death to America. Donald Trump showed them an old familiar shadow of the proud America that she once was, and could be. Where she could find absolution for her sins against humanity, and live in peace and wave her flag proudly, once again!

donald trump make america great


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