America cannot be entrusted with liberals, Deja vu and survive

donald trump make america great

Did America fall asleep to find herself in a dark liberal narrow hall?

Were people driving narrow mindedly to their local mall?

How did we not see, the corruption above the White House wall?

Why did Congress stall?

I thought it could all be handled with a conference call.

What happened to the days when our president stood tall?

And Congress took their job as a call!

How could American leaders sit back and watch America fall?

I thought Americans were more important than a risky roll of an eight ball.

America should build a wailing wall.

And we can all go there, and reminisce back to the day, when America stood proud and tall.

But before we act, or react let’s take a look at the Donald, who promises to make America great again!

What do we have to lose, he hears and yields to the call.

I believe he’s the best choice for America to see her not fall!

Come, Election Day, I’m voting the Trump way!

Join with me, and vote for Trump on Election Day!

And, instead of building a wailing wall.

We’ll build a thick border wall…

And we’ll take back America on Election Day!



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