Democratic Party not the same today

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My momma said, you have to vote the democratic way.

But I said. Momma, we’re not living in the Kennedy day.

I said, momma, remember Jimmy Carter, he gave away the Panama Canal.

Today, the liberals tear down the local morale.

You would think, we’re all fighting in a drunken corral.

The only thing they care about is incorporating terrorism and living in denial.

This is final.

This is a matter of survival.

Obama lied, and said ISIS had been decimated, and now we hear of their arrival.

We had a liberal ran government that practiced over and over, on their planned recital.

Remember Hillary, it was all caused because of a radical video.

She’s totally psycho!

The Democratic Party, isn’t the same party today.

You could say it’s went through a transition and transgender change.

They’re still trying to figure out their vocal range.

It’s strange.

I’m voting for Donald Trump who knows the commodity and stock exchange.

And isn’t still trying to figure out his vocal range.

The liberals got their first gay president that proved to be a White House resident, and proved to all, he was a dissident.


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