Trump is Right

wild wild west

Good guys shouldn’t have to give up their guns in case there’s a fight.

Bad guys aren’t going to surrender their guns on a plight.

No, they’re going to attack when least expected during the night.

What happens when they take down the power grid during the night?

Is Hillary and Bernie going to invite the bad guys for a cup of warm milk to help them sleep through the night?

Do they really think ISIS is going to be polite?

And if, Americans don’t have guns: how are they going to defend themselves and fight?

We are a Nation of the Second Amendment Rights.

We should defend all American freedom with a fight.

Taking away our guns isn’t going to end the fight.

It’s only going to make us easy access and vulnerable during a fight.

How are we going to protect ourselves?

And our loved ones…

Against the many lone wolves…

With arsenal,

Protect yourself, and fight!

And be free to do it, with all your Second Amendment Rights.

Guns don’t kill people, evil people, kill people!

Knives don’t kill people, evil people, kill people!

It doesn’t make you evil, when forced to defend yourself!


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