GOP’s preparing for Trump attack

republican tombstone



We are the GOP and we decide who’s going to be president!

You’re just a USA resident.

We are the heads, the precedence of the future that manufacture future presidents.

the peoples choice

I heard today, the GOP is going to start going after Donald Trump.

They thought Trump was just a phase.

Now, the GOP’s walking through a political confused straw maze.

The one man that could bring the GOP victory, they have one political agenda to bring him down.

Some say, they refuse to vote for a political reality clown.

But it sounds like the real clowns are the GOP.

They can’t accept Trump.

They can’t face the fact that Trump’s the winner.

The GOP could find themselves pulling their own trigger.

Because Trump’s fans and crowds are growing bigger.

He’s the marginal leader.

Trump has just gathered republicans and strayed democrats, he’s started an established movement.

That if, the GOP paid close attention could lead to the new evolution of the Republican Party that’s drawing from the dried up wells, creating a revolution with a fresh new solution.

But the GOP’s ready to pollute the wells and destroy their only hope!  That’s right!  They’ve already started poisoning the wells with their lineage.

This could mean a new party with a new set mileage.  I think Trump’s followers are ready to say. floor it, and let it hit, We can’t stop now, we’ve come too far!


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