Turkey’s Power Chairs

Turkeys chairs

Have you ever wondered what a world leader’s throne looked like?

Gee, it makes me feel like all eyes are on me.

It gives you the feeling that you’re never alone.

I can only imagine the scent of his powerful cologne.

I wonder if it has that scent that leaves you feeling, like you’re never alone…

Look at that throne!

Turkey and Germany meet to discuss Syrian refugees.

We all know by now that Turkey’s objective is for ISIS to succeed.

And Saudi Arabia too.

Obama’s dropped the rebels and went with the Kurds.

We can sit back and listen to all the confusing words.

But the truth is, who is it, that has the final word?

We can call it the house of lords or the house of cards.

We can ask where are all the guards?

But the one with the most powerful word.

I think is Putin.

It has become a game of Chess and everyone’s watching and waiting to see Putin’s next move.

And will he meet it with approval or disapproval

or dismay.

And will this war go on longer then May?

As we all watch Obama’s hair turning gray.

He’s no longer invited to play…


Turkey and Putin



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