No love Lost between President Vladimir Putin and Obama

russia putin

It’s become obvious to President Vladimir Putin that the Obama administration uses terrorist to get their way in the Middle East and threatens Americans as well with high tone rhetoric.  The Christians in America aren’t even sure where they stand.  They sit back and watch what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East, it isn’t with ease.  They wonder if they’re next. The patriots and christians think alike, they have no respect.  President Vladimir Putin has said the Obama administration has mush for brains.  They make no sense.  There’s no longer any pretense when the obvious is exposed.  President Vladimir Putin proved to other world leaders that the Obama administration has been playing immature wargames, but not ahead in the war against terrorism.  It’s all been child’s play.  President Vladimir Putin has nothing nice to say about American leadership and now questions whether America should be considered as a world leader when they endanger the world with their hired in-house terrorism.  President Vladimir Putin says America can no longer be trusted and no one can depend on them to take the bold move against terrorism.  American leadership has failed their military and their country as well and has been a let down to the world in general.  This is no longer the day of Reagan where justice was served, but we have reached lawlessness behavior and bullies that push their way to get their ways.  America rewards evil and not good.  It appears the Obama administration wants to do away with the values of moral Christians and turn the world into a Muslim world.  Obama turned his silent ears to the cries of the tortured and raped Christians in Syria.  He had one agenda to oust Assad and watch ISIS grow to become the driven force of the Ottoman Empire.  This leaves many Americans wondering, what’s going to happen next?  And now, many are wondering is Putin going to save the world?  Putin has every right to feel the way he does, many of us feel the same way.  We wait for the day, when America can proudly hold her head up once again.  I read the news daily watching and taking it all in, and thinking to myself, why couldn’t this be America?  But this must be Russia’s time in history, where all can see the superpower in this day and hour.  Russia fights with loyalty and passion understanding all the consequences of the hour in power.  It reminds me of the saying, “with great power, comes great responsibility,”  And Russia has proven, they have  the muscle ability.  America must prove they are not a disability in the war against terrorism.  This is the only way that America is going to get their respect back, where allies have their backs.


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