Video Hostage Rescue Raid

A video has been released which purportedly shows a joint raid by US and Kurdish forces on an IS-held prison in Iraq.

Around 70 hostages held by Islamic State are said to have been rescued in the operation, but one US soldier was killed, the first American to die in combat against ISIS as part of the US Operation Inherent Resolve.

The raid took place last week in the town of Hawija, nine miles west of the city of Kirkuk.

It’s the first time US troops have been involved in direct ground combat in Iraq since the operation against Isis began in August 2014.

US officials said the plan for the rescue mission had called for the US troops, members of the elite Delta Force unit, to stay back from the prison compound and let the Kurdish forces do the fighting.

The US troops transported the Kurds to the prison in five US helicopters, but they were then drawn into the fight to help the Kurdish soldiers.

The video was released by the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq. It appears to be filmed from the helmet camera of a Kurdish soldier, whose gun can be seen pointing at a barred window through which a glow is emanating, possibly from a fire.

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