Aerial View of Trump Rally, Jacksonville , FL



On Saturday, Donald Trump drew an estimated crowd of 20,000 supporters to Jacksonville Landing, in Jacksonville, Fl. Trump stated “we broke a record today” with the number of supporters attending the Trump rally. “This is happening all over,” Trump said. He called it, “a movement” that the “whole world is talking about.”

“We have to fight the media…it’s a constant battle,” he said. “It’s a very good and a very simple message. The American Dream is back!” Trump told the crowd.

“I have been the brunt of more bad press…For what?’ Trump said, implying that he has a target on his back because he’s leading in the polls. “The reason we’re getting those ratings is because people want to hear the message. It’s an amazing message.” He continued, “We are the highest taxed country in the world, we spend more than any country in the world” and “we’re 28th in the world in education.” Trump promised the supporters that he’s going to cut taxes when he’s elected as president.

Trump took his fight with the media to Instagram and Twitter where he released an aerial photo of the event. He said, “An aerial shot of Jacksonville crowd yesterday! I may as well show you because the media won’t.” The photo shows the masses of people attending his rally. The entire speech was recorded by a YouTube channel called Night Today and can be seen here in its entirety.



It makes me wonder when I see a crowd like this in Florida.

And in Georgia,

It tells me Americans don’t want a foreigner,

They want a president that’s as American as apple pie.

They’re so tired of being told they have to accept the lie.

or die…

It’s time for Americans to speak up and not be shy.

and to speak out about this administration that spends money as fast as a kid scooping up a piece of boston cream pie.

America’s tired of having a president that turns a blind eye.

We need a man like Trump that’s wise.

That proudly celebrates the Fourth of July.

And doesn’t use it as a punching bag.

America needs Donald Trump!


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