Trump’s Chain of Unbroken Followers Keeps Growing

obama's titanic

For some reason some Americans voted to ride fast and high down a twisting winding, curvy rollercoaster.

Never sure what the future would hold, they held on tight and bold.

I have a dream, they were told.

Not knowing it was going to be a scary ride in the night holding on tight with fast and furious at the steering wheel.

This was the new raw deal.

Americans voted with blinded appeal.

Not listening to the scary reports and secret truths revealed.

The presidency was sealed.

And here we went again, with each new move pushing us higher, and America getting lighter.

We were told, you don’t have to live with hidden guilty sin.

We win!

This was the new notes playing from the corrupt violin.

Some wondered if it was the spirits of sloe gin.

Christians were worried about the rise of a new lions’ den.

Then, he appeared out of nowhere or was he being molded, he shouted boldly, it isn’t over!

There’s a new sheriff in town, who was posting on his most wanted poster.

He wasn’t a politician or a mortician, he was a true American with a gun in his holster.

wild wild west

He brought back the days of John Wayne.

He was ready to prove evil has no gain.

It’s time to regain.


And with those words spoken, Trump brought promise to a broken America, that we were still unbroken!

He spoke with sincere devotion.

And he started a movement with a clear solution to get rid of the pollution.

He was aware of the hidden Trojan.

And could foresee and explosion.

Not on my watch, he shouted will you see erosion.

And again, America selected their chosen.

But this time with woven emotions a chain could not be broken.

You may choose to follow another that drinks from an evil potion.

And you may be hungry to see American in a commotion.

But know this, we are Trump followers true Americans that cannot be broken!

donald trump make america great


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