WWIII Putin tells Everyone Who Created ISIS

President Vladimir Putin reveals the truth who started ISIS.  ISIS started out as paid mercenaries.  They receive pay. They go back and forth to the highest bidder. He said he even knows how much money they’re paid. These aren’t just a bunch of guys that said lets takeover Syria.  These guys were paid by the US, and some joined allies.  ISIS backfired.  They hired mercenaries to oust Assad and the mercenaries became their own terrorist group, ISIS and now ISL.  They got over to Syria and saw they had free reign. And they started to gain territory along with sex slaves, in the process they started killing Christians as a sport.  They acquired oil fields and sold the oil without any sanctions being on them.  Putin said the US had to know who they were selling the oil to, they had to know who their customers were.  Putin went onto say, the person leading from the White House cannot be trusted.  He said, he wasn’t saying that about all Americans, but the politicians leading the country.


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