Identifying a Bad Seed

toxic brain

The identity of a sociopath isn’t a secret.  They may act secretly, but you can usually figure out who the culprit is.  When you identify the sociopath child it’s very important to get them on meds to manage their volatile behavior and for you to have a track record for your own defense.  If you can stay in close contact with her or his med doctor.   I’ve seen sociopathic children turn on their caregivers or guardians. There are those that try to camouflage their behaviors by a social makeover, or personal makeover.  They will act very sweet in public and people in the local community will think that you have the perfect child.  They don’t know that you’re secretly dealing with a feral wild child. More than likely, this child was never taught social boundaries.  She or he may have roamed the neighborhood, or even been associated with gang members. This child has learned street smarts, and believes that she or he can outwit anyone.  The sociopath child can come from the branches of the foster system.  Where they believe everything in their past is a dark secret.  Like I said. They will act very calm and sweet in public trying to hide who they really are, but when they feel threatened by another child, they can turn on that child.  By taking and hiding the other child’s personal belongings.  The targeted child may miss their favorite toy, shirt, or one missing shoe. They seem to always have one main target.  And they have so much rage and resentment towards the targeted person that the person may have to lock up their personal belongings with lock and key, or find them torn up.  The targeted person may hear made up stories about her that the child has falsified.  She may have other kids come up to her telling her that the sociopath child said, she was mean.  When the truth is, you never did anything to her. She’s the one that targets you. The sociopath child can target the mother that she never had, or the father that she never had.  Whomever, she or he feels like did them wrong, they will target that same sex.  Every time they act out towards their foster parent or adoptive parent, they’re acting out in rage to the parent that abandoned them.  I’ve seen a sociopath child have so much rage that she could twist gold jewelry with her bare hands.  And after she was done it looked like she used plyers. You may see the sociopath child target one particular area in the home. It might be a floor or wall.  He or she likes to mark their spot, and she will secretly go there in her fits of rage and do more damage.  The sociopath child likes to feel that they’re always in power, and refuse to bow or give in.  You may give her or him simple chores, but she refuses to do any of them.  She or he feel like if they are made to do something they don’t want to that they’ve lost the war.  Yes war.  It becomes a war zone in your home. She or he may carve and cut up your kitchen counter. The sociopath child has been known to have RAD reactive attachment disorder.   This doesn’t mean that she can’t have a relationship with the opposite sex.  Contrary, this means she cannot have a nurturing relationship with the sex that mistreated her.  Oh, she can charm for a while, but the secret usually comes out.  Rage like that cannot be hidden very long.  Or the person that didn’t show them love.  The sociopath child lives in her or his own world to them they are the victims.  They constantly thrive for attention of the opposite sex.  This is why many sociopaths have sexually permissive behaviors.  They’re always looking for a mental adrenaline high.  You may see them as thrill seekers.  They steal from others, and justify it by them wanting it.  They have no conscience when it’s something that they believe they deserve. They almost believe by their own insanity that they’re little demigods where no harm can come to them.  When in reality something does strike them, they pour on: oh, pitiful me, feel sorry for me syndrome.  There are some religious leaders that believe sociopathic behavior is demonic and can be controlled or cast out with prayer and fasting.  And then, you have some that believe that it’s a bad seed.


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