Identifying a Bad Seed


Sociopathic disorder as mentioned before usually tends to manifest itself in childhood and if left untreated it continues into adulthood. Most of the research studies points to environmental factors to be the main cause of this disorder. Some of the environmental factors that trigger this disorder in children are when kids trying to imitate their parents who are sociopaths or children who are deprived of parental love and affection, or the ones who have been physically or sexually abused. However recent research has shown that genetic factors could also plays a role in causing sociopathic tendencies in children. Children who have also undergone traumatic experiences in their childhood could display sociopathic tendencies.

Children often display violent behavior when they are suffering from sociopathic disorder. Sociopathic tendencies in children often tend to manifest itself as aggressive behaviors without a shred of remorse or qualms before getting into a physical fight or even hurting other children. These children do not have emotions or feelings and hence they are not able to empathize with their victims. Some of the other behaviors that they display are aggressiveness, impulsive nature, learning problems, destructive nature, inappropriate demands and even language problems. However if the condition is identified and treated, by means of therapy this behavior can be taken care of. Post therapy counseling sessions may be needed to in order to bring about positive changes in the child.

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Warning signs:

  • inconsistencies between what a person says and does
  • excuses or subject changing when caught in a lie
  • no feeling of shame when caught an embarrassing situation
  • going around the question, answering it in a way that doesn’t really answer it
  • ability to sense vulnerabilities and motivated in using them for personal gain or pleasure, manipulate without remorse
  • seeing any social situation as a contest or a test
  • ability to understand rules & laws and judging them as a part of “the game”, but no ability for empathy or emotional understanding behind the rules
  • poorly connected speech and abundance of excuses, during speech using more hand gestures than normal. These tendencies reflect difficulty in converting thoughts and feelings into speech
  • repeatedly performing acts that can serve as grounds for arrest
  • irritability and aggressiveness, indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults
  • disregard for safety of self or others
  • cruelty to animal

Entitled sociopath can either be from genes or developmental. It’s a state of over entitlement , where self needs justify any ends. These type of people have no ideals & feel no shame in their actions, very often feel satisfaction in what they do. Many of them enjoy making fun of authority & feel proud of it.

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