Identifying a Bad Seed


Some people learn to enjoy hurting, frightening, tyrannizing others; they derive from it a feeling of power and importance. Katz (1988) described rapists, muggers, and other violent criminals who report that they derive strong gratification from their sheer dominance and control over their victims. To be bold, tough, brash, and unflinching is admired and reinforced in the society of the streets and may become an entrenched personal style in those who have the temperament to carry it off. A muscular, aggressive male is more likely to take this course and become one of the Alpha baboons of his peer group.
The satisfactions of interpersonal dominance may motivate not only criminals but other bullies who happen to be parents, teachers, employers, bureaucrats, police officers, and so on. I once belonged to a political organization in which one member, a business executive, intimidated all the rest of us. His aggressive, domineering manner was so habitual and practiced—and so effective—that one felt the only way he could be resisted would be to hit him with a brick. There are disadvantages to this personal style; this man’s wife confessed to my wife that she had given up trying to invite people over. But it is an effective style in some fields of endeavor on both sides of the law.

Sadism that is specifically sexual may involve some sort of brain dysfunction as suggested earlier. However, in view of the powerful reinforcement provided by orgasm, it is easy to suppose that boys whose first sexual experiences (or whose early masturbation fantasies) involve coercion might grow up to be men who rape.

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The aggressive sociopath is the one that makes you feel like you’re a hostage in your own home.  This type of sociopath will target you with power………  You aren’t even able to do your own laundry when this person is around or you will find your clothes torn up.  You have to lock up your personal possessions by lock and key or the aggressive sociopath will harass you by getting in your closet and taking pleasure in tearing up your most prized clothes.  You feel bullied and under pressure.  You can’t figure out why this child only targets you.  You aren’t sure what this child is capable of?  You begin to question your own existence as temporary.  You start counting the days when this child will be on their own and society will have to deal with them.  In all accords you are living with the enemy.  You try to seek counseling.  You try to get help! But no one listens, they turn their silenced ears.  This child is charming.  This child is smart.  This child has figured out how to manipulate others with a smile.  The aggressive sociopath’s biggest enemy is you.  He or she knows that you know, who they are, and what they are!  They’re biggest fear is being exposed!  But then, it’s your word against theirs,

They tell you, You can’t tell on me!  I’ve spent years reinventing myself!  I have convinced people for years how nice I am!  You can’t change my world!  I’m smarter than you!


Rushes to danger, likes to venture, vibrant, bold, daring, intrepid, fearless, reckless, impulsive, excited by threat to life.


Defends his reputation of unflawed, the one with courage, unbreakable, dominant, undefeatable, formidable, untouchable; furious/relentless when status in question, overreacts to little things.


Belligerent, aggressive, sarcastic, rancorous, biting, vicious, brutal, malignant,  fearless, shameless, fierce, resentful; anticipates to be betrayed and seeks for punishment, yearns for revenge, has cruel disregard for others.

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