Putin Reveals Turkey Shot Down Russian Aircraft to Protect their ISIS Oil Interest



Putin, speaking at the global climate conference in Paris, added that the decision to shoot down the plane was a “huge mistake” and that he had not met Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, despite them both being in Paris.

“We have received additional data which confirm that Islamic State oil … enters the territory of Turkey,” Putin said. “The decision to shoot down the plane was dictated specifically by a desire to defend supplies.”

Erdoğan, who calls claims that Turkey buys oil from ISIL “slander,” on Monday called on Putin to prove his claims. “If he can, I would not remain in this post. I am asking Putin, would you do [stay in your post if you fail to prove these claims]?” Erdoğan asked while speaking to reporters in Paris.

Turkey was working to ensure ties with Russia, its main energy supplier, do not rupture completely, Erdogan said, describing Moscow as a “strategic partner.”

Asked if he would continue to press for a meeting, he said: “Even if it is just a piece of string remaining … we don’t want ties to be cut. How Russia will proceed, I cannot know.”


Everyone should know by now that you can’t pull the Persian Rug over the former KGB.  Putin knows all, and he’s not like Obama, where he’s dealing with artificial intelligence, he’s got real intelligence.




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