Trump over Muslim Ban

Is Donald Trump the next FDR?  He sure knows what to say and when to say it!  He seems like the only candidate that isn’t afraid to tell it, like it is! He knows the only way to protect American citizens is to ban more Muslims from entering the USA.  You would think that our president would’ve thought of this clever move.  Trump proves again to be true to his American heritage!  It makes you feel proud to know that there’s someone out there that sees what’s really happening and isn’t afraid to act, react, react!  I can’t wait until election day!  It’s interesting to see how his competitors are reacting.  You really see the truth in people.  Trump hides nothing, what you see, is what you get!  I think I can live in a safer America with Donald Trump as united states president.  President Trump has your back!  Trump is right, we should treat the entry of Muslims as the Germans were treated in world war II.  We are a country at war.  If Germans were caught supporting Hitler they lost their property and possessions.  FDR knew how to prevent hostility in America.  He took control.


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