Trump Slammed For Saying Ban Muslims

Does Donald Trump really mean to ban all Muslims from entering the USA? Or is he talking about radicalized Muslims only?  Maybe Donald needs to get more specific.  We can’t say all of them are bad!  There are good and bad in every group.  We need to go back to world war 11 and look at how FDR handled the German population back then.  They used German speaking soldiers to ultimately win  the war.  They confiscated money and property by those who supported or sent money to the enemy.  They didn’t allow Germans who fought against them to purchase property in America.  And if you chose to live here, you had to learn to speak the language of the country.  There was no option.  Germans living in America were forced to learn to speak English.  German pastors were made to preach in English.  Maybe we should ask ourselves, why don’t we stand up to the same standards?  Is this really unconstitutional?  We are a country at war.  And right now, there are more Muslims wanting to kill us than anyone else.  I don’t see anything wrong with profiling a potential terrorist.  After all, it could save many lives.  We know now, when they attack it’s a massacre.  We need to stop being politically correct, and be correct for once and for all, before we see this great nation fall!  Donald Trump’s idea isn’t totally off the wall.  He’s stepping out of the comfort box and seeing and saying what is possibly necessary to save this country.  And it could take drastic measures like never before.  America has faced terrorism before. but not at our back doors.  Is America really ready to fight terrorism in American streets?  They have guns, bombs and knives.  We have guns, and Obama is still trying to take our right to bear arms.  There’s a lot of scared Americans and they need to be reassured that our president is doing everything that he can to protect them.  After all, he’s a paid employee of, we the people.



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