What Do Trump and Putin Have In Common


Trump and Putin don’t take anything off of anybody.  They’re both not doormats. You don’t see anyone stepping all over them.  They both seem to be on the same agenda to clean the world of terrorism.  And they’re both guilty of profiling.  They don’t seem to care whose feelings they hurt when it comes to saving the world.  And they’re both two very powerful men that have the center stage.  You could say, they’re both the acting verbs in the war against terrorism.  Putin wants to sweep the M.E. clean like a vacuum cleaner and Donald Trump wants to sweep America clean of radical Islam.  The question is can they both work together with the same agenda?  And move ahead regardless of all the political propaganda and continue to follow the facts.

donald trump.jepg


These two guys together might be what it takes to rid the world of terrorism.  My bets on them!


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