Putin Endorses Trump for United States President

This is huge for Trump.  President Vladimir Putin comes out publicly and endorses Donald Trump for United States President.  He recognizes Donald Trump’s strengths and he’s tired of fighting against America’s weaknesses with this current Obama administration.  Putin has shown his strength to Trump as well.  And, I think as men they respect each other and see and recognize a terrorist problem and want to defeat that problem.  Putin is tired of fighting the war alone, he’s tired of American lies and western allies.  Putin sees the strength in Donald Trump that could possibly make relationships stronger with Russia as in the days of Reagan’s administration.  Could Trump have a Gorbachev relationship with Putin?  Putin is saying, America, we need you to fight with us!  And I believe Trump is hearing the calling!  This might mean a new Trump Hotel in Russia, friends with benefits.  “I’m just saying, these two fighting together could become a mighty power against terrorism.”  “Like Batman and Robin.”


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