Donald Save Christmas

Oh, you know the Grinch being ISIS wants to steal Christmas.

But America has Donald Trump a strong Christian business man that believes in the Christmas tradition.

While Hillary and the liberals get more vicioustrump and Christmas.jpegus.

You would think Hillary has secret amnesia.

Her malicious ambition stands in the way of our Christmas tradition.

Not to mention the email conspiracy suspicion.

Was she just caught spying on Bernie?

With ISIS chasing the heels behind the faithful witness.

It’s more than suspicious minds, waiting for a presidential election to unwind.

There’s no secrecy of celebrating Christmas in America, it being a family tradition.

While some even say, including the Pope, “this could be our last Christmas.”

Our family tradition of celebrating Christmas is at risk.

While I am thinking there is someone that wants to put America at risk.

There’s someone that wants to finish some twisted unfinished business.

There’s someone that wants to take your breath away.

And someone standing in secrecy getting ready to blow the whistle.

Is it the wreath filled with mistletoe that will bring peace on earth and good will toward men?

Or is ISIS waiting to hear the command from one man to end the Christmas tradition?

And, then we have Donald Trump that comes as a savior dressed in a business suit that many of us have watched perform and grow over the years that became a strong serious man to admire.

That walks under fire and on top of heated coals and he still keeps going with one mission embedded in his heart to make America great Again.

Not for self, not for a book to be left unread on a dusty shelf.

But as Santa’s secret elf that came to save Christmas!

Hurry Donald, save Christmas!

And put an end to this tyranny.

We believe in you, Donald!



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