The Ghost of Christmas past Visits Donald

trump and Christmas.jpeg


It’s the Ghost of Christmas past.

That stands by Donald the man.

Knowing that only one man can save Christmas at last.

It’s the same Santa of the past that made sure young Donald always had Christmas presents under the tree.

The same Santa that whispered to a wiry young child, it’s okay to run free.

It’s okay to laugh so hard until you fall on your knees.

This is all part of a child’s playful Christmas past.

It’s part of the fresh memories of decorating a colorful Christmas tree.

That one time of the year, when it’s okay to be a child again and reminisce of Christmas past.

But, Donald, Santa says, the liberals have one agenda checking their list twice.

They don’t care who’s been naughty or nice.

They’re slicker than wool grease.

They want to put an end to Christmas past and end world peace.

While leading some to only believe in Greenpeace.

They devise a timepiece.

While not listening or taking any sound advice.

They have one vice to end Christmas past.

Santa, looks at Donald and grimly says, it will take one man to save Christmas past.

Donald, America needs you, and Christmas past.

There is no closing price.

Only millions of children left bewildered who will never be able to return to Christmas past.

Make a fast.

Fast the New Year.

And cry a humble tear.

And say three times clicking your heels, I’ll never forget Christmas past.

I’ll never forget Christmas past.

I’ll never forget Christmas past.

I know Donald Trump will bring Christmas back!


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