Donald Trump Second Most Admired Man

donald trump the man


Presidential candidate Donald Trump proves again that Americans admire and love, the Trump!

Even the Rock says: “Vote Trump, America has become a dump!”

No wonder Donald Trump is the second most admired man in America compared to the pope.

But my question is, can the pope save America?

America could be saved with redemption and grace.  But the question is will America accept grace or Trump first?

I don’t know about you, but I put my trust in Donald Trump.  We all know what Donald Trump’s intentions are, and I must say, I agree wholeheartedly with what he has to say.  “Protect our boarders.” “Be careful who you let into America, they aren’t all nice people.”  These aren’t the people that want to build America, but to destroy America.  “Remember the Trojan.”

If you look back in history, you see where Great Britain used America as their personal dumping ground for convicts and the least wanted or most wanted in Europe.  Great Britain never saw America becoming independent.  But we did.  And now we have those on a mission to confiscate our weapons and take away our Second Amendment Rights, the right to bear arms.  Where Americans become the lame ducks.  I don’t think anyone can comprehend the evil that America faces if our guns are taken away and our young sons and daughters are shuffled away into slavery.  I thought slavery ended with the civil war, but ISIS brings a new meaning to the word.

I remember years ago when George Bush was president I had a vision.  And I saw a black leader with black soldiers that were killing people by the thousands.  I thought to myself then, we don’t have a black president.  We have a white president. And there were some black men at the time that I would’ve voted for president of the United States like Congressman J.C. Watts.  Obama on the other hand has pushed every button he can to piss a lot of people off.  And created the great divide in America again that hasn’t been seen since the Civil War.  He erased the footsteps of the great Martin Luther King, and stirred the fire of racism again.

America needs a candidate brave enough to standup for what’s right, and show proud Americans how to fight.  Our war isn’t against color but against evil.  America has to unite again as the sons and daughters that helped build and defend this great country. Many Americans have taken their freedom for granted as being in a monogamous relationship that you think is going to last forever.  And you wake up one morning to the shock that your spouse has been cheating on you and is ready to trade you in for a newer model. Or you’re sitting in your living room one day watching the newest released movie, and the next day your home is swept away by a flood or tornado. This can’t be happening in America!  Oh, yes, it can!  Americans are resilient when hit with calamity, but sometimes it takes the shock and awe to get one’s attention.

I tell others to be prayerful and watchful with a listening ear, and get ready to watch America change gears.  And remember not to fear because God’s still in control.  And sometimes once in a century God sends a hero that’s ready to defend ground zero.

And right now, I’m looking at Donald Trump in a whole new perspective.  America needs a hero!

No wonder, Donald is smiling!

Even President Vladimir Putin admires him!


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