2015 Most Interesting Men Are: Putin and Trump

putin and trump


I have to say my number one man I pick as the strongest world leader is President Vladimir Putin of Russia.  He’s proven he has brass balls and not glass balls.  He’s shown the world how to fight a war effectively with commonsense.  And I have to admit the new Russian weaponry is very impressive. He hits his targets 1500 miles away with missiles.  President Vladimir Putin makes a strong delivery. He’s not full of a lot of political nonsense or political correctness.  It has been a very interesting year watching President Vladimir Putin lead the war, the coalition against terrorism.  He’s exposed a lot of raw truth that a lot of Americans were turning their heads, and now they, we see, the truth revealed.  How the West, Saudis and Turkey hid terrorist beneath the deep Persian Rug.  “It goes back to follow, the money trial honey.”  And how the West destabilized the Middle East for their oil interest.

The second man I would pick is Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has proven that he’s the strongest presidential candidate that has a true interest in the American way, and he isn’t afraid of what he says.  America needs to protect its boarder and build strong walls. America has to be careful who’s let in, not all people are nice.  He makes a strong point, we’re a country at war, and this war goes globally. You know with the Trump you’re getting the real raw truth and a lot of people are afraid of the truth.  But Trump has proven with his many followers that the truth can set you free, and America needs Donald Trump to remain a free independent country.  And now the GOP and his contenders are taking him seriously, they see him as a real political threat.  But Americans see him: including me as a long awaited treat, we got the trick, and we are long overdue for a real treat.  Donald Trump gives America “hope”.  And there’s nothing wrong with shining a light in a dark world.

I think it would be real interesting to see Trump and Putin come together with other allies and fight the war against terrorism.  America once again on the winning team!



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