Trump 35,000,000 under Budget and Still Leads

make america great


Donald Trump proves it again.  Americans scream, “We want Trump.”  With his campaign budget being 35,000,000 under budget.  Trump still leads the presidential race. Trump proves again, his voice resonates volumes.  Americans are tired of empty promises.  Proud Americans say, forget the compromise.  We want Trump for United States President.  “You are not going to lead us astray.”  “We’ve seen America betrayed.”  “And, we aren’t going to take it anymore!” “All you have done is get us involved in a Trojan war.”  “We aren’t going to take it anymore!” “We refuse to be taken as prisoners of war.”  Someone in the United States Congress needs to speak up on the privilege floor, or walk out that cold stiff door. “We know we’re about to enter a third world war.”  You can’t hide it from us anymore! We know the truth, America was ISIS’s department store. We delivered arms to their ground floors.  The Obama administration has a lot to answer for!  We saw our young warriors sacrifice their lives, and now I’m asking, what for?  Don’t let their memories end in vain, while Americans suffer the pain, someone is to blame.  We aren’t going to take it anymore!


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