Welcome to America

flag and God


Welcome to America that use to be the land of the free.

But some voted for the tempting free money tree.

When the wise realize that nothing in life is free.

Ask the hard working immigrant that came to this land and worked his whole life to save up for retirement, so his labored hands would be free.

Ask the crooked politician that hung everything on the free money tree, including condoms.

Now, his depraved thoughts are being governmentally monitored, he only thinks he’s free.

Ask the cold corpse who fought for his freedom.

Who his offspring’s lost it to treason in one presidential season.

When all said and done, there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

Why no one would standup and fight for a fallen kingdom.

Or will they?

Who will be shaped by the molded clay?

To finally put an end to this foul play.

Can Trump do it before Inauguration Day?

Will America survive to see another Independence Day?

Or will this current administration lead us to radioactive decay?


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