House Speaker Paul Ryan Calls Obama’s Gun Control a Distraction from the Truth

paul ryan


House Speaker Paul Ryan calls Obama’s call on gun control a distraction to the real problems that America faces.  Obama could have shed some tears when SEAL Team 6 was taken out in an old Chinook Helicopter.  He could have showed tears when the Benghazi attack occurred.  So, what exactly were those tears for, were they convincing enough for you to give up your guns?  He didn’t show any tears when groups of innocent civilians were mowed down by drunk drivers both in Oklahoma and Las Vegas.  And let us not forget the sleeper cell terrorist in San Bernardino.  Was he sympathizing with the parents from gun violence?  What about the people that were run over by cars?  Does he want to outlaw cars.  I have said all along that Obama keeps Americans distracted from the truth.  House Speaker Paul Ryan is right, Obama creates distractions.


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