Chuck Dennie, Kickstart Aledo

A note from Chuck:  I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since I made my last album.  Making art without the assurance that people will like it is an incredibly vulnerable feeling.  Combine that with asking for support on kickstarter and it completes the full circle of insecurity I feel right now as I write this to you.  I’m not sure what led you to this moment in time to read this note from me.  Maybe we are friends, in life or on social media :), or have crossed paths along this journey of life somewhere.  Whatever has led us to this place I want you to know that it means so much to me that you are here.  I have been on quite the journey of soul searching the past year.  It has been painful yet so fulfilling.  I am working hard to uncover the things I don’t like about me.  I want to be a better friend.  A better husband.   A better dad.  I am learning that I can’t be those things alone and that writing songs is a powerful way for me to connect my feelings and share them with you.  That’s how this road led me to start the band Aledo.  Aledo is a small town in Texas where I grew up.  It is symbolic in many ways for me personally.  My pride told me to not ask for help but I am choosing to show up and ask you to partner with me.  The recording landscape has changed over the last 10 years.  I use to have an incredible record label at Fervent Records that payed for all the costs of making records to help us get on the road.  Now I am asking for this community to partner with us and to be our record label.  Thank you for reading this and my hope is that you would partner with us as I really believe this EP will help unlock some hidden parts of all of us like it has mine.  Mad love.  – Chuck D


Here are some logistical aspects:

Help us finish our debut EP!  We have recorded the EP and now we need your help to complete it.  The total cost for our EP is $19,700 of which we have personally paid for $6500 all ready.  We would love your help to get us the rest of the way!  We set a goal of $7500 so we wouldn’t be unrealistic in our hopes.  However, we would be thrilled to raise the entire $12,200 of our balance that remains!  Thank you so much for helping us make our debut EP.

Here is a breakdown of our costs:

Studio Rental – $1800

Musicians and gear – $2700

Producer fee and Mix Engineers – $10,500

Mastering – $1200

Duplication Costs for Cd’s (500) and Vinyl (100) – $2500

Art costs – $1000

Total Cost for EP – $19,700

Risks and challenges

We have all ready recorded the project but without your help it will be very difficult for us to complete it. We haven’t secured the three venues for our cd release party yet and do not think it will be a challenge for us to accomplish. In the event it is not possible, we will make sure to communicate well what our outcome will be to make sure all of our supporters are satisfied. Thank you! – Aledo

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