Human Organs Grown Inside of Animals for Human Transplants


I heard of someone being a birdbrain.  Now that seems so surreal!  I can’t imagine having a transplanted organ that came from an animal, it brings a whole new meaning to birdbrains.  Can we say yet, that science has gone too far?  Does this make you sick to your stomach and want you to spar?  What’s next?  We should be careful what we say, it has away of boomeranging back to us!  There may come a time when a 100% human is   obsolete.  If only it were so simple to push the delete key!  I’m just saying this could turn into a disaster.  After all, pigs are known for eating anything!  The sad thing is this is happening right here in America, wouldn’t our Founding Fathers’ be so proud that we’ve come so far!


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