NBC Predicts RFID Chip in All Americans By 2017


NBC boldly predicts RFID Chip in all American by the year 2017, that’s in one year or less.  What does this mean for Americans the government will be able to control how much food you consume and your finances along with your thoughts, and healthcare.  They will be able to track you as a lost dog.  If you live close to a grid line, you could be subjected to experimental procedures by the government.  Obama announced earlier that he was going to get with top technology experts to figure out how to control guns, with the possibility of smart technology.  But is this going to make Americans safer or more vulnerable?  Who exactly is going to be behind this new smart technology, Frankenstein?  It sounds like another Hitler move.   What happens if your thoughts are different than your dictator, do they shock you with electrical shockwaves or terminate you?  Do you really agree with this high tech move, or can we say technology is going too far?  What happens when there’s a power outage are we immobilized like zombies?  Creepy!


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