Trump and Palin in Tulsa Oklahoma

sarah Palin OK

Trump Palin OK


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump in Tulsa Oklahoma, at Trump Rally.  Can we all pray now that Sarah will be our new vice president.  I would love to see a new fresh beginning for our Alaska Queen.  We want Sarah as our V.P. !  Donald, tell us this is so…

No more political woes…

This GOP ticket can surely beat all liberal foes…

And the Republican Party will never feel low…

or run too slow…

but be that  bright light on top of a hill in America that glows.

that proves  to all the world, we’re proud to be Americans and it shows…

From Sara’s strong silhouette that stands like a proud beautiful rose.

to Donald Trump who promises to stomp America’s foes.

The message they send is, you don’t mess with Americans or you’ll be led out like a hook in your nose.

And who knows but you might be exposed.

Make America Great Again!





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