Donald Trump is the most Conservative Presidential Candidate Running


This is totally ridiculous, Donald Trump is the most conservative presidential candidate that the republicans have right now running for office.  What is happening to the Republican Party?  I can’t believe that he’s not being considered as conservative, even Ronald Reagan was once democrat, and you know what, so was I, until I saw the light!  Republicans have to quit cutting each other and dissecting each other apart.  If this continues, they are going to pave a highway for the liberals to win.  This nonsense has to stop.  Donald like many of us ran with our hearts until the light went off in our heads that liberals were full of a lot of “b.s.” and other things.  Donald Trump stands for everything at this present time that most conservatives are hoping for, and a lot of us aren’t ready for another Bush.  I also remember President George W. Bush saying on national television that Islam worshipped Allah the same God that we worship, we just call him by another name, God or Jesus Christ!  No, former President Bush, they aren’t the same.  Jesus Christ is the same today as yesterday!  At least, Donald J. Trump knows that Jesus Christ is God!


Yes. I have a good memory when it comes to the truth!  Do you really want another Bush?


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