Donald Trump Boycotts Fox News GOP Debate with Megyn Kelly

make america great

Donald Trump boycotts last GOP debate before Iowa caucuses.  He explained that he felt uncomfortable with Megyn Kelly hosting it after it was apparent that she set traps for him before.   Donald Trump is determined to win the presidential race with or without Fox News and his loyal supporters will stand by him regardless of what he chooses to do.  Megyn Kelley commented on the Kelley File that “Donald Trump cannot control the news.”   But it’s pretty obvious to Trump supporters that Fox News is obviously for Jeb Bush to win the presidential race while ignoring the people’s choice.  Whether it appears to be game of freefall, the Trump isn’t going to be setup again regardless of Fox News ratings and risk a game of freefall.  He has more important things on his mind including strengthening the core of the America fabric.  And not getting caught up in a political hoisted labyrinth.

After all, the Trump is doing good and his ratings keep moving up in the polls, especially after getting  Christian, Liberty University endorsement from President Jerry Falwell Jr.

jerry falwee jr endorsment






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