Ted Cruz Proves He Has No Borders

The GOP presidential race is narrowing with former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee and now Senator Rand Paul dropping out of the race.  While there’s still a lot of Trump and Carson supporters upset that Ted Cruz’s campaign lied about Dr. Ben Carson pulling out of the race to get more Iowa Caucus votes.  It looks like it maybe a fight to the White House door.   It looks like this is a campaign with no rules.  The more lawless and no borders apply.  It makes you think that this should be Trump’s first wall that’s built a campaign with rules and borders.  Cruz proves he has no borders when it comes to winning the presidential race.  And Trump isn’t putting up with the dirty hand dealt.  Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t understand how someone can be full of so much trickery and expect to be shown respect, it’s another déjà vu with a different player.




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