Donald J. Trump Not Part of the Political Establishment


make america great


What makes Donald J. Trump the top presidential contender is that he’s not a politician, he can’t be bought.   This is what scares the political establishment that there’s a guy that can’t be bought.  They thought they could always control America with their fast money.  But, now here walks in Donald J. Trump that knows the political establishment and separates himself with no disguise.   Matter of fact, he does it boldly.  He recognizes corruption and tells who’s corrupt, he’s not afraid to speak out.  You know with Donald J. Trump that what you see, is what you get, there are no hidden surprises.  He wants to protect America’s freedom.  And others see hope in Trump that he’s the one that can turn things around in America, for the good of the country.  Americans see all the tricks in the book that’s being pulled against Donald J. Trump.  Americans are smart enough to know this could be our last chance.  While the political establishment has pulled in Fox News and others to try to trip and get rid of Trump, but the harder they try, the higher Trump rises.  People in America can no longer be fooled by the political establishment.  The truth is, America is burned out on politicians like Bush and Rubio.  America is ripe and ready for Trump.  You see it in the 10’s of thousands of crowds that gather around him. Ted Cruz was deceitful in Iowa, and had he not, stolen those caucus votes from Carson, Trump would’ve won.  But the truth came out, and people are smart enough to see the truth.  Trump won Iowa and he wasn’t even present.  Had Carson’s votes not been stolen, Trump would’ve won.  Trump understands what’s going on in America, he’s knowledgeable to everything.  And the establishment can’t stop him.  Trump’s become unstoppable.  Trump just needs to remain Trump. He needs to be ready for the attacks and recognize the traps.  The higher Trump rises the more the establishment is going to try and knock him out with one punch.  They can’t find anything that Trump has done in his past to disqualify him as POTUS.   The truth is Trump  is a good father and a smart businessman, you see it in his children.  You can’t be a looser and have successful children like he has raised.  Trump had all the money to party hard and have fun, but he said no to alcohol and drugs.  Trump’s a good role model, people look at him and see the American dream is possible. They see him, and say. “If one man can do it, Donald J. Trump can “Make America Great Again!”  And I will not be fooled again!

Patricia Kelley


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