Carly Fiorina Suspends Campaign

Carly Fiorina suspends her campaign after losing the New Hampshire Primary.  Her numbers were down and she couldn’t seem to keep up with the Trump campaign.  But then again, who can?  Trump appears to be unbeatable, unstoppable. The mouths were dropping as the numbers were climbing. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly seemed to be a loss for words. She seemed to be in shock that her slander against Trump wasn’t working.  Marco Rubio blamed himself. Chris Christie dropped out as Fox News announced he committed political suicide! While Ben Carson announced that he would be interested in being Trump’s V.P. It will be interesting to see who Trump picks.  We know whomever he picks will be a winner to be aboard the Trump Train.  All aboard, the Trump Train is moving towards the finish line.  It’s a perfect view from Trump’s skyline.




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