Envisioning a Trump America

I’m starting to envision a Trump America.  Where hard working laborers stand in line waiting to receive their long awaited paychecks.  Where children are safely laughing and playing in the parks.  And Americans are no longer worried about what’s hidden in the dark.  Yes, I can see a Trump America, where, we can say Merry Christmas out loud and God is no longer hidden in a dark locked box.  Yes, I can envision a Trump America, where people are waiting to get aboard the Trump Train and they no longer have to worry about muggings or druggies. But, they’re eagerly waiting to get onboard to a place called Pleasantville. I can already hear the victory whistle blowing and see proud Americans glowing with Trump Towers lit up like a lighthouse.  And hear children saying, look mom, there really is a Batman! And he’s called President Trump!




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