True Love



This is what I have learned about love.  Love is what carries you when you walk through a storm in life.  It’s the words that you hear when you take shelter in a covered cellar and the voice you hear says, don’t worry, we’ll rebuild what was taken, as long as I have you we can do it again!  It’s only material things.  Love is when the first man you loved dies and the second man that won your heart carries you across eternity’s threshold.  Love is when a child dies and you don’t think that you can go on, and a voice tells you, I have you sheltered in my arms. I will never let you go!  It’s the first face you see when you wake up and the last face you see when you go to bed.  It’s the voice that you hear that reassures you every day that our love is never ending. Love isn’t the gifts secretly hidden in a box. Love is exposed in words and actions in everyday life, these are the true gifts of true love!

Patricia Kelley


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