Obama Announced Trump Will Never Be President



Donald Trump couldn’t be happier after hearing President Obama say that he would never make it as POTUS.  Trump’s reply,  “Obama has been the worst president we’ve ever had.” “He traded a trader for five of their best jihadi guys.” “I would take this trader and drop him from the highest sky, right on them.” Could this mean that the liberals have brought out their strongest weapon against the Republicans and it’s not working.  But instead concerned Americans are flocking towards Trump and the voice that’s leading the superpack.  But can the GOP leave well enough alone and let Trump soar his wings and fly?  Trump seems to be taking the punches from all sides, but running for POTUS isn’t an easy job as we all know, the shit fly’s.  And it’s hitting the dems right back in the face, and Trump is too bold to back down from Obama. He’s just what worried Americans have been looking for, someone that will stand up to this corrupt administration.  Trump is leading the GOP and it’s looking promising for him in South Carolina as well.  Donald J. Trump could very well be our next president, and who’s going to make him stand down? I don’t think anyone can this is what makes him so popular.  Americans are tired of presidents that make excuses and bow to the enemy.  And say, we all worship the same God.  Not true!  We are all created by the same God, but we don’t all worship the same God.  We have our differences and Trump isn’t too afraid to say it the way it is.





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