Trump Is a Threat to Liberal America

Trump Tampa Bay Florida Feb 12


The liberals know that they’ve messed up! And they see the numbers accumulating  with the Trump crowds.  They’ve reached a time in history where Trump could bring an end to liberal media.  They’re main candidate barks like a dog. The other one plays like a shark in murky waters spreading lies, take from the rich and give to the poor.  When the truth is the only ones benefiting from America’s financial resources are the immigrants flooding in across our weak borders.  And Obama passing out checks like flavored candy while neglecting Americans of all colors.  It’s not the student that’s promised a free education. It’s not the single mom struggling to make it on her own, left with the responsibility from a dead beat dad.  No, it’s the illegal immigrant that’s benefiting when it should be passed to American hands. But Obama has turned America into a welfare bank for the world to reach its hands through.  One for all, all for one!  While America keeps going deeper in debt reaching 18 trillion dollars.  America has reached a point in history that she needs a positive C.E.O. that can turn the wheel back around.  And here comes Trump, self made millionaire. He fills the air with a fresh breeze in the American air, hope! And Americans are freely inhaling exhaling the fresh air that seems unlimited!


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