Trump Leads Republican field nationally by more than 20 points

Make America Great Again 11


Trump continues to lead the Republican field and his Trumpeters see this deal sealed with a Presidential Seal.  Yes, Trump has risen and America sees a new clear vision.  It’s a Trump America and Americans are safely yielding to the work field.  There is no more division but instead wealthy provisions for those who don’t mind a hard day’s work. We can almost see the celebration fireworks begin to spark.  There’s a new feeling in America with a whole new meaning to the Fourth of July.  After coming so close to losing America’s freedom.  Let freedom ring!  My fellow Americans, this is just the beginning of seeing a true change in America as we watch history unfold, and see that America is no longer a politician’s dream, but we the people finally see our dreams fulfilled. We are no longer children led by a hook, but we are children led by hope and a future that together with God’s help we can turn America back around to better times, and Father Time becomes a friend to the dreamer.  Americans can sleep safely knowing that Trump has their backs!


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