Nevada, Vote Trump!

America is running out of time and Trump is the man to reverse time.  We cannot afford anyone else to step in as POTUS.  We have jobs being sourced out to other countries, we have foreign countries that don’t have to follow the same rules as American companies, it’s called Free Trade.  We need a president that understands the word “free.”  We can’t afford anymore messups.  We saw a line of messups that have happened from past administrations that had no business sense.  America needs a C.E.O.  We need someone that can bring jobs back to America and not crush the American dream.  America was built on dreams and those dreams have been converted into foreign currency.  We need to bring the money back to America and make her a wealthy country again!  Many Americans broke their backs with hard labor, not to give it all up for someone that has different beliefs than us.  America needs to move forward and not backwards.  We need to make sure that Donald J. Trump stays on a winning roll before the trolls comes in through our weak borders.  America needs Donald J. Trump.

Who do you call when you have heart trouble a specialist in cardiovascular area.  Who do you call when America reaches a drowning debt? A C.E.O. named Donald J. Trump.


donald trump.jepg



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