Oklahoma, Vote Trump!

make america great

Oklahoma, we need Trump to make America great again!  We aren’t guaranteed anymore chances.  Matter of fact, the country is going to hell along with many of the people.  We have too many that are distracted by everyday life including cable television and movies that aren’t even aware  of what’s going on in the world.  It’s up to us to wake the sleepers up and yell, vote Trump before it’s too late, and we no longer have a country to defend.  Right now it’s your voice that speaks volumes.  He said it first, things aren’t tight here, we have a country filled with corruption, while some are confused about the options.  All, I can say is vote like there’s no tomorrow, vote for the one that you know isn’t afraid to be heard.  Vote for the one that you know will guard America with all their heart.  Vote for Trump and save America!  And this will really be a Super Tuesday!


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