Triumphant Trump Leads America Out of Grief

What will historians call Donald J. Trump?  Triumphant Trump there’s no doubt that he shook the political establishment.  But everything he said was the truth.  Has America reached a point that we are now going through the five stages of grief.  Obama took us through denial and anger,  and then many Americans slipped into bargaining and depression seeing their country defied and patriots denied.  Triumphant Trump walks in and Americans go back to bargaining.  They see with Trump there’s hope that he can make America great again!  And many Americans accept what Trump is saying, they know he’s speaking the truth.  We see it by the votes, the American people are shouting, “we want Trump.”  While the Republicans sat back and let liberals take our country to the grave with one foot in and one foot out.  Trump shouts and says, “I can make away! ” “Trust me and I will lead the way!”  Why should Americans trust anyone else but Trump?  When we saw heroes caskets being led in with no rhyme or reason, but open season on our guys that just made it home.  Why should Americans trust anyone else other than Trump?

Super Tuesday proved the American people heard and listened.

Trump wins: Super Seven, on Super Tuesday:

Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Vermont

Don’t tell me America’s not ready for Trump, you’re living in denial.  You cannot stop him.  You cannot beat him.  America’s ready for Donald Trump.

The Trump has arrived.


trump 1




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